Costa Rica

Costa Rica was an interesting experience, my first taste of Central America. Arriving in San José, my first thought was: another one of “those” cities – dirty, dusty, polluted by way too many cars and just generally chaotic. After a couple of days though, it kinda grew on me and I really liked it.

Volcan Poas

Volcan Poas – on a clear days the view is amazing.

The museums are absolutely fantastic, focusing mainly on the pre-columbian history. It’s central location allows one to jump on a bus, and a couple of hours in any direction will get one to see something interesting. And the people (“Ticos”) are very nice.

From San José I took bus down to the Osa Peninsula, in the southeast of the country, close to Panama. I’d heard about this hostel in the jungle, a 30 minute hike from a village called Dos Brazos. I arrived on the peninsula in the main town Puerto Jimenéz and stayed for the night as the bus to Dos Brazos had already left. It was well worth the stay, for a stroll along the waterfront will let you see Scarlet Macaws and a little further on I came pretty close  to a couple of Caiman, right in town!

The next day I got to Dos Brazos and hiked up to the hostel “Bolita” nestled in the rainforest. It was all I hoped for, lots of crazy insects and spiders, a couple of snakes and I even crossed paths with a Tamandua (small tree-climbing anteater). After a week I returned to San José to get ready for my trip to Ecuador.


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