My first time in Morocco 1980.

Here’s the post on the Morocco road trip back in October 2014.

My good friends in Portugal invited me to join them on a road trip to Morocco which is not far away, yet worlds apart. I had been there with my parents around 1980 from which I have no recollections. So this was a great opportunity to make the trip again and actually remember it.

We arrived in Tangier and made our way down the west coast as far as Essaouira, from where we went inland to Marrakech and north to Chefchaouen and back to Tangier.

It was a great trip and one wouldn’t think that only a few hours away from Europe lies a culture that is so different, although the landscape and vegetation is often very similar to that of southern Portugal and Spain. The people are generally nice but always after ones dollars. That is their main reason for talking to you, but then, they too have to make their living…

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