Toronto Island

Toronto as seen from Toronto Island

Arrived well in Toronto, Canada! Quite an interesting city as it has a “town feel” to it.

It’s fairly laid back and relaxed, no honking cars or people shouting in the streets and cars will even stop for people jaywalking!

Went to Niagara on wednesday and the weather was just perfect, there’s still a lot of ice on the falls though. Some blocks the size of a three storey building which makes boat cruises impossible but the views awesome.

Today I went to the Toronto Islands and once again the weather was perfect! Even got sunburned on my face. Walking along the shore one has to keep reminding oneself that these islands are actually on a lake, not the ocean such is the size of Lake Ontario.

On monday I’m going to New York for a couple of days. Looking forward to it and to being in a really big city. It’s one of those things to do before you die, I suppose. Gotta see the big apple.



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